Magic Item Contest with Roleplaying Tips!

Roleplaying Tips #531

Magic Items Contest Announcement

It’s time for another reader contest!

Gator Games is sponsoring the contest and you can win some
great books from them.

= How To Enter =

Follow the 3 Minute Magic Item template described below to
create a magic item.

Email me your magic item creation:

Multiple entries are welcome!

Format: plain text, Word, RTF or just in the body of your
email are all ok.

= Prizes Up For Grabs =
Care of Gator Games (available to North Americans only due
to shipping restrictions):

* Wraith Recon Core Rulebook for use with D&D 4th Edition
* Dungeon Master’s Guide 2 for D&D 4th Edition
* Monster Manual 2 for D&D 4th Edition
* The Adamantine Arrow for Mage the Awakening
* Player’s Guide for Aces and Eights
* Fantasy Craft Core Rulebook from Crafty Games

And these prizes are available to anyone in the world:

PDFs from Open Design and Kobold Quarterly

Copies of AstroSynthesis 3.0 from NBOS

= How to Win =

There will be three sets of prize draws:

Nov 7, Nov 21 and Dec 5

All entries submitted before each date will be eligible for
each draw. So enter early and often.

If you’re creating magical rewards for your campaign, why
not enter them into the contest at the same time?

Note that winners are drawn at random, so don’t worry about
the quality of your writing – I’ll help edit.

As always, entries will be given back to the community after
the contest, so you’ll be helping your fellow GMs too.

If you have any questions, drop me a note.

To summarize, here’s the stat block template to use for your

* Awesome Name
* Appearance
* Benefit
* Drawback
* Lore
* Twist

Read on to learn more about what each stat block item is

Thanks to Gator Games for their sponsorship!


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10/22/11 Warhammer 40k Tournament

Mike Biles was the Winner, $25 box set of choice was the prize

October Raffle Winner

Jenny Smetana October’s Raffle Winner

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Instant Mold with Milliput – how to use

I picked up the Instant Mold by Cool Minis or Not a while back and finally got around to trying it out. I will preface this by saying that I was skeptical at first but I thought I would give it a shot.The directions don’t miss anything. All you have to do is put the molding material into a pot of boiling water for three minutes and take it out and it is ready to use. Just press what you want a mold of into it and put it in the freezer for about three to five minutes and your done. That’s all it takes. FANTASTIC!
To quickly go over the molding process…

Start out by making your original piece using whatever modeling putty you are most comfortable with and let it harden (if you copy something someone else made make sure you have their permission first, especially if it is copy-righted!). Then set up the mold. I recommend using Legos for this, you can get a “small” container of Legos at any Lego store (usually found inside a mall) for about fifteen dollars. Make a square or rectangle about two Legos deepand put some water on to boil (if you are using a counter top put a plastic bag down under the mold to keep things clean). Put one to two sticks of Instant Mold into the boiling water for three minutes and then put into the Lego square. Then smooth out the top of the mold and press the piece you want to copy into the mold. Make sure you press it down at least a couple of centimeters to make sure the mold picks up all the detail. Put the mold into the freezer and let it sit. The put another one to two sticks of Instant Mold into the pot of boiling water and when it is ready about three minutes later take the mold out of the freezer, oil it (any kind of oil works, even olive oil),and press the new Instant Mold onto the top of the frozen mold. Build up the Lego square, if necessary, and cover the top of the mold with Legos (one or two usually works).Press the Legos down hard to ensure that Instant Mold picks up all of the detail. Now put the complete mold back into the freezer for about five minutes and you’re done. All you need to do now is take the top section of the mold off (which can be difficult if you didn’t use enough oil/ didn’t let the first half harden enough) and take out the original piece.Actually making the copies is also ridiculously easy. All you need to do is pick up some Modeling Putty (I really recommend the Milliput White Superfine. it is ten dollars and works better than any of the other putties I have tried. It holds it’s detail and makes a nice strong piece that doesn’t crumble easily). Using the Milliput White Super fine tare off a small piece of each stick, you do actually want a 1:1 ratio unlike some other putties. Knead and Roll the two pieces together for about five minutes, run it under running water (to make the more smooth when put into the mold) and knead the moisture into it. Shape it into a somewhat appropriate shape and press it into the mold. Take the top piece of the mold and press it on top. Then put the mold back into the Legos to make sure it lines up perfectly. Putting Legos on the top and the bottom of the mold put it into a vice and tighten it.If you do not own a vice, make a press. Put Legos on the top and bottom of the mold and put a heavy object on it (a heavy book, a gallon of water, etc.), brace it and let it cure. When it is done take the mold apart and take the copy out. Clean the mold lines and extra molding material off and your done.

I think the greatest part about the Instant Mold is that if you messed up on your mold or you no longer need the mold of the piece you copied, you just boil a pot of water and drop it in for about three minutes and make a new mold. The Instant Mold doesn’t seem to become brittle at all. Though I haven’t pushed it to the limit yet…

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Store Manager
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